We make homemade cookies AND our very own Ice Cream. (Not just from some pre-made base, we make it all from scratch) Then we put them together to make Ice Cream Sammies (sandwiches...Ahh, now you get it). We need people that would love to help us make these delicious treats daily. We also need some friendly people to interact and serve our wonderful guests and if things go well, sell these fine products to the hundreds of thousands of people that will cross our threshold daily. Well maybe not that many, but you get the point. 

We want you! Not everyone...just you! Friendly, fun, willing to work hard with a great attitude. We cannot promise that every day will be a party, but we can promise that you will have every day to try and make it so. 

We are located and hiring at 135 W Boston St, in Chandler AZ. West of Arizona Ave on Boston. Someone should be there most every day from 9AM - 2:30PM. Come on in and say high if you want. You can also call or text Joel at 480-427-8180...he may not answer (who are we kidding, odds are he won't answer) so just text him if you need something. 

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